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The passion and commitment to excellence have put Hidramar Group on the spotlight of the Offshore and Ship Repair Industry. Founded in 1989 by a family originally from the Canary Islands, Spain, The Group has been continuously growing and developing based on principles & values that became in the organization’s culture; the integrity, hard work, and ethics of our people are the pillars of our success. We are so exceptional as the people we have succeeded in bringing together.

what we do

We offer shipyard technical support, fabrication and repairing services to the Oil & Gas industry and naval sector since 1989 in Canary island. We are the last port of the European Union located near to West Africa, with great weather conditions all the year allowing us to provide all types of services without any obstacles in a project.


about us

Hidramar Group is a Spanish holding Company controlling two shipyards in Canary Islands, Spain. Was founded in 1989 by a family originally from the Canary Islands. Both shipyards are located in a Free-Trade Zone. With a strategic position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where maritime routes from three continents are connected (Europe, Africa, and America). Hidramar group actively supports all the major Oil & Gas drilling contractors and their OEMs. We have acquired strong MODUs upgrade & repair knowledge including SPS projects through integrated planning with clients, OEMs. Our ONE TEAM, ONE VISION strategy helped us in the safe execution of projects in Canary Islands.

Our evolution

  • Hidramar hydraulic established

    Hidramar established in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands as a Hydraulic Workshop, providing services to the naval sector and local industry.

  • Hidramar established in Las Palmas

    Hidramar established for the first time in Las Palmas Port, 5000 m2 in facilities.

  • The expansion started

    The expansion started, all commercial efforts were focused on internationalization, first steps Aberdeen, Mauritania.

  • Tenerife shipyards in Tenerife

    New investment, our second shipyard, Tenerife Shipyards started operations in Tenerife Island, shipyards facilities 17.000M2

  • Added: IRATA Division Scaffolding Team Blast & Paint Division

    Continuously growing, we added a New IRATA division, our scaffolding team, and the Blast & Painting division.

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The heart of our organization is our people. There is nothing more important to us than bringing together the best people and talent, offering a safe and healthy workplace to attract and retain professionals. In The Group, we will provide you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise, developing your career with creativity in challenging projects. We love people who like innovate, offering creative and innovative solutions.

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One Team, one vision

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