Hidramar Shipyards has completed the PivotBuoy® assembly project for X1 Wind, a Spain-based floating wind technology developer

The assembly operations started on December 2020 at Hidramar Shipyards facilities in Las Palmas Port. The load-out operation was successfully executed a few weeks ago.


Load Out at Hidramar Shipyards

Hidramar Shipyards, a company from Hidramar Group, is growing and increasing its experience on offshore fabrication and assembly projects for the renewables energy field

X1- Wind has chosen Hidramar Shipyards to execute the project in The Canary Islands. The purpose of the PivotBuoy® prototype, which is a 1:3 scale, is to demonstrate all advantages in reducing significantly the cost of floating offshore wind energy. The single point mooring system assembly was completed and waiting for the deployment maneuver at Hidramar Shipyards in Las Palmas Port.

The engineering team has worked closely with X1- Wind engineers. Ruth Lamas, our Project Engineer, was in charge of the project, finishing it according to the plan.

This project has given the Hidramar Group team a significant Know-how that has opened business opportunities in the offshore fabrication market. The Group is currently negotiating with offshore fabrication companies to initiate new adventures.

Mario Suárez, Strategic Development Director, says: ” This project means an open door for Hidramar Group shipyards, that offers advantages with a strategic position in the Middle Atlantic, located in a free trade zone and with the state-of-the-art in automated prefabrication workshops, definitely the stand-out element to choose our shipyards“.

PivotBuoy Load out at Hidramar Shipyards