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Rig Upgrades Services

We strongly believe in commitment to respect, integrity, and safety that the oil and gas industry requires on each stage of its Rig Upgrades projects. 

We are conscious of the importance of no delay or errors in the services we provide, our team understands that it could represent tremendous losses for Drillers Contractors. As we know that offshore companies make a huge investment in their equipment our premise is to provide cost-effective services with the highest quality and prioritizing safety conditions.  

Hidramar Group has extensive experience assisting major companies in the Oil and Gas the Industry executing Rig Upgrades projects, our procedures comply with the highest Oil & Gas standards and our teams are supported by international expertise, providing innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to the oil and gas industry, under the highest quality and safety standards on-time delivery, that enable you to extend your operational time.  

Our engineering team provides all engineering disciplines HVAC, mechanical, Hydraulic, piping, electrical, structural, NDT, Load Test, underwater works.

Rig Upgrades

Rig Upgrades  services we provide:



Drilling rig preservation from operations to cold stacks or smart stack.

Rig reactivation from cold stack or smart stack to operations.

2nd BOP & MPD readiness package delivery from engineering, procurement, installation, commisioning based on fixed price contracts.

Drill pipes inspection CAT 4 or 5 and repairs to API standards and NOV GP threads GPDS, HT, TT, UGPDS, XT, & VAM Express (CDS and EIS).

Supply and fabrication of HP piping ( cement lines , mud lines , choke and kill lines (AISI 4130 Steel – API 5L X52 pipe)

Diving support, for Hull cleanning,UWILD, and underwater inspections.

Annual Recertification services

OEM support

BOP dismantle and assembly as well as installation onboard.

Drilling and mud pump & auxilaries overhaul.

Coflexip hose inspection and pressure test up to 22500 PSI.

Marine risers and telescopic joints inspection and repairs.

Accommodations Upgrades.

Thruster removal and installation as well as preservation/ Depreservation.


Special Periodical Surveys (SPS)

Upgrades and Maintenance

We are conscious of the importance of guaranteeing the safety requirements and ensuring pollution prevention based on the Classification Societies Standards, and how this can impact the marketability of Rigs in the Oil and Gas industry.

During the Special Periodical Surveys for 5, 10, and 15 years, Hidramar Group can efficiently plan and lead inspections, upgrades, and preservations of major equipment during this downtime period.

Over the last two years long, we have carried out the 5, and 10 years SPS, of major drillers contractors, such as Seadrill Valaris Plc, Vantage Drilling; our loyal clients certified Hidramar Group expertise.

SPS Projects, Oil and Gas


3D Scanning and Modeling

As the main requirement of the naval sector is fast and effective solutions, engineering is basic to successfully undertake any project safely all the way through, within the required time on the allotted budget.
We deliver innovative solutions since the feasibility study up to the final
Relaying in our inhouse 3D Scanning, Solid Works Model and Design, Structural Analysis, and Detailed Engineering

3D Scanning and engineering modeling


Accommodation Upgrades

We are proud of our hands-on Shipyard global services, and the specialized services we offer 24/7 round the clock to all our customers safely. We have acquired powerful MODUs upgrade & repair experience, including SPS projects within integrated planning with our clients & OEMs.

Services we can provide:

Furniture supply and mounting: We can supply, and mount, any furniture Accoor the accommodation area like bed’s structures, wardrobes, nightstands, cabinets, vanity units, mirrors, mattresses, etc.
Flooring supply and mounting: We can replace any type of flooring; linoleum, cement, steel, carpet, Stainless steel, etc.
Our experienced carpenters can be carrying out every carpet replacement at the accommodation and workshops.
Sofas and chairs Upholstery: We can supply replacement any material on the sofas and chairs upholstery.

Flooring West Gemini, Accomodations


Drilling Equipement

We offer full inspection, repair and recertification assistance for drill pipe, casing, tubing of all dimensions, bottom hole assembly, and specialty tools.
One of our companies, Hidramar Shipyards, at Las Palmas, is an NOV GP licensee Center to repair API, NOV GP & VAM drilling connections.

We offer Riser inspection Yard and repair support to Rig owners, where we can either provide full recertification programs or support rig maintenance programs.

Tubular inspection, clean and repair


Ballast Water Treatment System

We strongly believe that there is an opportunity to change how the world produces and provide services; our team has developed a wide range of options to help our clients to fulfill the needs of environmental regulations.
Our engineering department manages the best way to deal with every situation and save time for customers.

We provide complete solutions for Ballast Water Treatment System with cost-effective with different technologies and suppliers.