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Pontoon Rental, a supporting platform in the sea surface (fender use, ADDITIONAL storage,…)


Pontoon platforms provide a wide range of services for any kind of shipyard, going from maintenance and repairs of the ship to boat storage and launching. This provides a versatile and adaptable solution that will make any task in the vessel quickier and easier.

Furthermore, through the use of our rental Pontoon, you will be able to gain in:

  • Stability: they are designed to be firm and steady, even in the surface of the sea. This is essential for ensuring safety and preventing damage in the vessel.
  • Durability: Pontoon platforms are made from strong materials, which make them capable of the harsh conditions of the marine environment.
  • Mobility: they can be easily moved around the shipyard and the vessel, allowing to reach every corner of the ship.

The Pontoon rental,

the multitasking service that will fulfill needs of your vessel

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OUR platform does it all!

Our Pontoon rental service will allow you to accomplish different kind of projects such us:

Fender uses

Seaside painting works

Thruster replacement

Storage of ship materials for any repair or maintenance labour

Inspection of any point of the vessel



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