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Hydraulic Services in West Africa.

Hydraulic-mechanics services are our origin, and we have been positioned as a benchmark in the West Africa region.

The name of our group comes from our background as a hydraulic workshop.
After 30 years we have grown relying on that same workforce that positioned
us as the reference on Hydraulics services all over the West African Region, delivering since our beginnings reliable services to the Fishing fleet and now at days also to the Oil and Gas and Mining industries.

The Business Group, today, is made up of Hidramar Shipyards, in Las Palmas and Tenerife Shipyards, in Tenerife and transfers its obtained capacities to the industrial sector in general, offering support for all types of hydraulic work.



Hydraulic workshop of 3000 m2 for the diagnosis and testing of any component or hydraulic and pneumatic system:

Disassembly, evaluation and repair of cylinders, pumps, motors and valves.

We have our own certified Rope Access personnel and scaffolds to access and dismantle cylinders or hydraulic components located at a height and areas that are difficult to access.

We have a bench for disassembling large cylinders, as well as a center for burnishing hydraulic jackets with a capacity of up to 500 mm in diameter and 6 meters long.

Checking the performance and tightness of different hydraulic elements using our 300 HP test bench.

Pressure tests up to 2200 bar, with its corresponding quality control.

Checking the quality of the oil in hydraulic systems and flushing it, guaranteeing optimal cleaning by contrasting the oil with a portable particle counter.

We supply all kinds of hydraulic material (pumps, motors, fittings, etc.) of the main European and international brands.

We have accredited personnel and equipment to verify the absence of cracks due to magnetic particles and the application of penetrating liquids.

Manufacture of hydraulic hoses up to 2 ”and four reinforcement meshes.

Hydraulic Services.

Our Facilities and equipement

We have outstanding workshop facilities equipped with high-tech machinery, a surface treatment plant, and a group of experienced technicians and engineers capable to design and fabricate hydraulic systems,  troubleshooting, and repairs, test, and certifications, etc.

Decades of networking in hydraulics together with mayor manufacturers and providers have set in place the best capacities to procure the right solutions where are most needed, anywhere is requested as our ridding team can go onboard wherever suit better to our demanding Clients.

The equipment and technology that we have in the workshops for the execution of inspection and testing tasks are state-of the-art, including:

All of them duly accredited and with traceability to national and foreign employers.

hidramar Group Hydraulics services  

Chrome Platinng 

Unique in the Canary Islands for chroming large stems, with dimensions up to 4 m long and 600 mm in diameter.

Our two-stage process minimizes the risk of subsequent oxidation and the default thickness of 100 microns is generally greater than that of a factory part, providing greater resistance to corrosion and wear.

Important savings for customers when chrome plating a damaged stem instead of acquiring a new one, as it can save up to 50%, depending on size.

Hidramar Chrome Plating

Field Support 

It all started in 1.990 with our founder serving customers directly, repairing in the field (mainly aboard ships in their home ports) the circuits and hydraulic equipment, adapting to the needs of each client. Today, personalized customer service and the search for solutions to their problems remains the core of our way of understanding the business.


Hydraulic Cylinders Overhauling and Repair


Surely the hydraulic cylinders give you more of a headacheparalyzing the equipment to which they belong when they break down.

So far, in large teamsthe only solution at hand is to acquire new OEM parts and use replacement. As a more cost-effective solutionwe offer a  complete cylinder restoration servicerepairing existing onesthus substantially reducing the cost of putting the equipment back into service, as well as the time of repairs – and, thereforeof the stoppage of the teamsWe offer from disassemblychrome platinginstallation of new sealsassembly, and testing of cylinders and hydraulic circuits

Save costs and time with the best guarantees. 




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