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Heavy Machine Maintenance.

Hidramar Mining is your one-stop shop for mobile and fixed plant equipment
maintenance and support.

Founded in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain, in 1990, Hidramar Group and its mining division, Hidramar Mining is a leading contracting company that has forged a reputation in the industry as the specialists in hydraulics, electrical and mechanics mobile and fixed plant equipment maintenance and support.
Our Heavy machine Maintenance unit has an expertise in mobile equipment and fixed plant equipment of mining industries around the globe. View our full range of services. We’re mechanical and hydraulical experts and provide tooling, people, expertise
and end-to-end solutions to keep your equipment running 24/7 all over the world.
Hidramar Mining is the go-to company when you need support and solutions easily, quickly and cost-effective.

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Heavy Machine Maintenance in Africa

Hidramar Mining have location (Branch office) in Mauritania, due to the proximity of the mining customers there, and expanding to Senegal to reach the main mining area.

Our offer for the maintenance of hydraulic systems have no comparison all over the African continente, and allow our customers to save a lot of time and money keeping the Quality of the equipment.
We Service all brands, doing repairs and maintenance; if you need your equipment running without surprises, contact us.

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Why people are choosing Hidramar Mining:

Proven track record
One stop shop of different services
No minimum engagement periods for workforce or services
Complete solutions for the equipment
Quality workmanship
Cost-effective alternative with personal solutions
Experts in the field
Fast responding team
Large workforce capacity – + 1.700 internal pool and growing (+ 7.300 in our database)
Service not limited by borders
Unrestricted service to an equipment manufacturer

Heavy Machine Maintenance.

Our services

Thanks to our solid experience in the heavy machine maintenance, our safety and quality policies, and our multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, we can provide global solutions to the equipment repair and maintenance needs. We know that the equipment entrusted to us is of fundamental importance to keep production processes alive, and we are committed to giving them the best care and also making it cost-effective.

Our team of hydraulic experts, mechanics, and electricians among others, provides tools, personnel, experience, and comprehensive solutions for your mobile equipment and mining plants, providing services based on 24/7.


We are always on the other side of the phone or email to respond quickly to all your needs, execute urgent jobs, or finish jobs efficiently, regardless of their size. Or maybe you just need some additional staff to attend to the moments of greatest work. We have a set of solutions that suits your company to ensure that projects continue operating 24 hours a day.

Today we serve all over the world, having a presence in the main mining regions of Africa. Our expert workforce has made it possible, gaining the trust of the client with his good work day by day.

It is part of our values ​​to perform the work safely and efficiently, maintaining the operability of the client and looking for solutions tailored to their needs. Our good work makes us win the trust of our customers, who become our partners and collaborators at work.

Heavy Mechannical

Heavy Machine Maintenance 

Maintenance of Process Plants 

Our team of highly qualified boilers and tubers,as well as welders approved in different procedures and materials, allows us to provide a repair and maintenance service for plants with more complex machinery. 

Field Support 

It all started in 1.990 with our founder serving customers directly, repairing in the field (mainly aboard ships in their home ports) the circuits and hydraulic equipment, adapting to the needs of each client. Today, personalized customer service and the search for solutions to their problems remains the core of our way of understanding the business.

Heavy Machine Maintenance.

Mobile Equipment and Electrician Plants

Hidramar Mining’s electrical specialists have experience working with all the biggest names in the marine and mining industry, on all makes and models of OEM equipment. Available for stand-alone projects, short term labor solutions, and Rolling labor coverage. 

Hydraulic Cylinders Overhauling and Repair


Surely the hydraulic cylinders give you more of a headacheparalyzing the equipment to which they belong when they break down. So far, in large teamsthe only solution at hand is to acquire new OEM parts and use replacement. As a more cost-effective solutionwe offer a complete cylinder restoration servicerepairing existing onesthus substantially reducing the cost of putting the equipment back into service, as well as the time of repairs – and, thereforeof the stoppage of the teamsWe offer from disassemblychrome platinginstallation of new sealsassembly, and testing of cylinders and hydraulic circuitsSave costs and time with the best guarantees. 

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Hydraulic cylinders overhauling and repair

Maintenance of process plants

Field Support

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Heavy Machine Maintenance.

Hidramar Mining is your one-stop-shop for mobile and fixed plant equipment.