The main concern of a vessel captain is to keep safe the crew, and to arrive on time to the destination, but there are son maintenance and repair jobs that must be executed to accomplish this goal.

Hidramar Group has developed a business unit to help clients to solve the heartbreaker situation of docking a vessel that has a direct consequence of a high-cost repair project.

Our Riding Squats, also known as Riding Crews or Transit Crew a group of professionals experienced in safely carrying out the necessary ship repairs or preparing retrofits during transit to be held soon in our shipyards so we can avoid downtimes and following the planned itinerary without neglecting maintenance or, necessary repairs.

One team, one vision during transit

Our in-house team development strategy has positioned Hidramar Group as a reference in the Mid-Atlantic delivering turnkey projects or helping client on any stage. 

We rely on our departments, from engineering to fabrication through commissioning and quality assurance, delivering the highest efficiency, versatility, and above all, the highest peace of mind to our clients, knowing they leave their projects in a one stop shop with a single team. 

No third parties, no head breaking situations

Just a single team to speak with.

Hidramar Group Riding Crew can safely deliver solutions during transit:

  • Mechanical Services
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Services
  • Welding jobs (including SMAW, FCAW, GTAW & SAW certifications).
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Painting Works
  • Rope Access
  • 3D Scanning

A certified team for your safety

Apart from the certifications mentioned above (in welding and other areas), our Riding Squads have OGUK medical BOSIET certification, and a seaman book, allowing us to safely provide our services wherever our client is, having provided safe works from Panama to South Korea, through West Africa and other locations around the world.

Reduce downtimes also in retrofits and installations.

It is not only about helping our clients with ship repair jobs during transit but also doing it due to a necessary Retrofits for vessels that forced them into long periods of downtime. 

Our Riding Squads travel to the client’s location to prepare the ship before it arrives at our shipyards, carrying out the necessary pre installations and reducing the docked time at our shipyards.

And after the installation, our Riding Squads can embark with our client to continue the Commissioning and Testing jobs during transit tasks. 

In conclusion, our aim is: To safely and efficiently deliver shipyards services during transit, avoiding downtimes without involving third parties that may delay the project and giving our clients the peace of mind of always talking to a single team.